Howdy, Buckaroos!

In an effort to just jump right out there and embrace that I am pretty damn good at what I do and ask for support when I need it, I am running a Summer Pledge Drive to bring new backers to my Patreon and/or collect one-time donations.

Pledge to my Patreon and receive cool rewards like comics, maps, and avatars!

Make a one-time donation and help keep the art and stories flowing!

I make d20Monkey free for everyone, but it is not free to make and while I do my best not to bother my audience about money, the hard fact is that support through Patreon (and occasional donations) pays the bills. Freelance work fills in the gaps, but it is unreliable and I could use more stability to focus on comics. So, twice a year (until I have enough Patrons to stop doing so) I will run pledge drives to hopefully help out.

If you are already a Patron, thank you! It means so much to me and I hope that the content I produce continues to be worth your hard earned dollars. If you have been a fan of my work for a while and have the financial means to throw a dollar or two my way for a month of comics, maps, and other cool things, every bit helps and it will be greatly appreciated. If a one-time donation is more your speed, that is also very much appreciated

Winking hard at you, eccentric-millionaire-d20monkey-fan 😉

Making comics and gaming-related things is the job I always wanted and I love doing it every day. It is my hope that the content I create entertains everyone and brightens bad days in some small way. I will find ways to pay all of this forward and make things every day.

Thank you all.