Hello, Buckaroos!

So, as you already know, my job situation took an unexpected turn in October. This new uncertainly is causing a substantial amount of stress, but I am pushing forward and doing everything I can to solidify the ground under my feet for 2019. To help with this, I will be taking on more freelance work, opening monthly commissions, and doubling-down on my career.

You may have also noticed that my comic schedule has been a bit erratic as well. This is due to the added freelance, wrapping up my work with Evil Hat, and getting things in order behind-the-scenes. If you know me, you know that I hate to miss comic updates with the fire of a thousand suns. I love my comic. I want my comic to be my number one priority, but in the current state of things it is taking a backseat to immediate paying work (that could lead to more paying work, etc.). I have faced this in the past, and I would normally buckle down and work long, unhealthy hours to produce less-than-my-best work, just to keep the wheels turning.

All of this is a balancing act. It is difficult, but it is rewarding and after serious thought and accepting that I have limitations, I have decided to take d20Monkey to twice-each-week schedule for the foreseeable future, with new pages going up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I am working with a larger page format now, and telling bigger stories (like IGS, Andromeda X, Karthun, etc.) with more attention to detail and pushing myself creatively. I love it, but it takes time, and to juggle the comic/freelance/commissions dance more effectively, this is a move I need to make.

I know that most of you understand this and you will be happy to have stable comics again, but I also know that some will be annoyed by the reduction in content (most likely people who have never supported my work in any financial way). All I can say to the annoyed people is that I am doing my best to make it all work and if you are that angry about the situation, come back in a few months when things are hopefully more settled. If I can reach a point where comics and games pay all of the bills, I will return to three comics each week.

For my Patrons, I will be redoubling my efforts to make the dollars you throw my way more worth it by posting content to the page more steadily and keeping you all up-to-date on what is happening with me and my work.

2019 is going to be challenging, but my goal is still the same: Making comics and games my full-time career. This work is what I love, and I am good at it. I refuse to give it up.

Thank you all for your time and understanding.