Update: 12.20.13

I had my first post-surgery visit with the surgeon this week and he is thrilled with how things look! I cannot walk for 2 months but everything is looking good and I am on the road to recovery.

I am going to start working a little bit after Christmas to build a nice buffer and increase the time I can tolerate sitting up at the desk. I will also finish some improvements to the site with a new cast page, better archives, and pages for my personal campaign journals. Good things that are long overdue and will add more content for everyone to enjoy. I am excited to get back to work but it will be a slow process. My health comes first (despite my best efforts to push too hard/fast) and I’ll be better for it by not rushing comics or recovery.

Oh hey! Take a look at the hardware in my leg!

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 9.36.27 AM

Update: 12.16.13

Hello all! Here is a busted knee update:

Surgery went well (very well based on what the surgeon told me) and I have spent the week resting with my leg in a large brace. As things stand, I cannot walk. I have a strict non-weight restriction for at least 8 weeks. I have a wheelchair but sitting up at my desk to draw has been a real issue as it causes a lot of pain. I only just moved my computer and tablet to the dining room table and it is a perfect set-up but my leg can rest there for only so long.

It is maddening. I want to draw my comic and make people laugh but right now, I am seriously limited. This applies to my day job as well. I’ve missed work but I plan to return this week and do my best. It’s just me, so I have to go back to make money and pay the bills. Such is life.

Where does this leave us with the comic and Christmas arc? Well, I have my first follow-up appointment on Thursday and we’ll see what the surgeon says about what I can and cannot do when it comes to work. That’s all I can do right now. It looks like this year is kind of blown out of the water but I am going to try to post something before the holidays.

I am so sorry. This is killing me and I know I am losing credibility and a ton of readers by not being here to post comics.

I am going to do what the surgeon tells me to do, go to physical therapy, and get healthy. I want to walk again. I want to sit and draw my comic again. It’s just going to take time.


Original Post: 

I am finally able to sit at my desk for a few minutes and I want to fill everyone in on what is going on.

First things first, on the evening of November 25, 2013 I fell off of my attic ladder while retrieving Christmas decorations and broke my knee. Yes, broke it.

I just lost my balance and went off the ladder but landed in such a way that I jammed my left leg hard. It didn’t hurt much initially but when I stood up and my knee went in a direction it wasn’t supposed to go, I called my neighbor Rodney for help.

There was a trip to the emergency room, x-rays and CT scans were performed, and the words “wrecked” were used to describe the condition of my left knee. The short version is that the fall and impact damaged the weight-bearing side of my knee and I cannot walk on it at all. It’s in pretty bad shape, guys.

A follow-up with a specialist the next day confirmed that my knee is indeed wrecked and I am scheduled to have surgery on December 6, 2013, where they will insert a metal plate and screws to repair the damage to the bone (allowing me to walk on it again). After surgery, I will begin the lengthy process of recovery and physical therapy to walk again without support. This is the real kick in the balls as the recovery process can take many, many months from what I am told. It will be an uphill climb but I know I can do it.

What does this mean for d20Monkey? Well let me ease your minds a bit by saying that I am not quitting. Never.

However, until surgery next week and for a short period of time afterwards, I have to keep my leg elevated and I am on a respectable dose of pain killers. I am looking into options to set up my tablet in a way that I can use it on the couch or bed. I want to draw and it’s killing me to be away from the comic right now. I know some smart folks who may be able to help me with that so I’ll keep you posted.

Additionally, the Christmas arc this year may be gutted as this is all happening right now. I do not want to do that but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m sorry for the delay/interruption guys but this is something I cannot control, unfortunately. I will post more comics as soon as I can draw them but right now, my knee is hurting and getting comfortable to draw is a bit of a pain. I’ll do my best, though.

To the kind folks who sent emails and messages of support and my local friends who have dropped by to help me with chores and errands, thank you so much. It means a lot to me.

This is going to be a tough time but I know that I can overcome and get back in the saddle. I love to make comics and cool things for everyone. It is my goal in life to do it full-time and this is just another obstacle to overcome. It’s possible. It just takes time.

Thank you for your patience.

- Brian “Clark Griswald” Patterson