If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I am a big fan of the gaming webcomic Nameless PCs, created by Matt Roberts and Wesley K. Hall.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Nameless PCs, Matt, or Wesley allow me a moment of your time to sum up how I feel about all three. I promise to keep it brief.

Nameless PCs is a solid comic. From Matt’s dialogue to Wesley’s art, this is one of those collaborative comics that just works (take a look at the example below. I lose it every time I read it)


You know what I mean: some writers and artists styles are just suited for each other and the idea of someone else writing the characters or someone else handling the art just doesn’t seem right. Matt and Wesley’s love for their work and humor shows with everything they do. From their blog posts on the site to their Twitter feeds, both are entertaining, engaging, and always friendly with their readers. They play games, they talk games and they’re good people.

Its become a trend lately to talk about scarcity and keeping distance form your readers but I do not subscribe to this belief and from the look of things, neither do Matt and Wesley. They talk to their readers and interact with the gaming and comic communities. I never get the feeling that they are “trying too hard” to be funny or present an online persona. They are honest, humor is natural for these guys, and they do it very well.

I think what I love the most about reading Nameless PCs is this: I feel like I got in on the ground level of something special. Every comic treads water as the creators find their voice and hone their skills. Then, one magical day things seem to click and you find yourself in the midst of something great. Nameless PCs will be great and in my mind, Matt and Wesley will be creators who you know and respect.


Here is what I recommend to all of you: Put Nameless PCs into your regular webcomic reading rotation and RSS Feeds. Give this comic, Matt, and Wesley your time. Start at the beginning of the archives and work your way up to the current comic. You’ll be glad you did