As DMs, our players put up with a lot. We hammer them with traps, monsters, evil NPCs, and campaign stories that take them on an emotional roller coaster. Sure, we do a lot of work but without the players we’re just a bunch of lonely people building worlds with no one to play in them. With this in mind last year at Christmas time I began the tradition of giving gift cards to each of my D&D players that consisted of in-game benefits or bonuses. For example, one card provided one of the player’s characters a permanent +2 bonus to their speed. Another card granted a permanent resist 5 to one type of element (chosen by the player). The cards were a big hit with my players and this year I continued the tradition. The only difference is this year everyone received the same gift card:

Each player received a card with 12 DM Points. DM Points function exactly as Action Points with the following exceptions:

• DM points may be used by any character under the players control (meaning players in multiple games have a pool to spread across multiple characters)

• You may only use 1 DM point per session

• The next d20 roll following the use of the DM point is granted a +4 bonus

With the pool of points and the added bonus to the following roll, DM points are there for the clutch moments when it is do or die for the players. It is very easy for me to imagine hearing “I have to hit this daily. Brian, I am spending a DM point”. Followed by the subsequent “Ooooooooh” from the other players.

Please feel free to copy the hi-res file attached and hand these out to your players.

Merry Christmas